Pavel Smertin


Was born on April 28 in 1969 in Kirov. Studied at the 14th school of the city of Kirov. After the army got a job as a photojournalist (1994-1998) in the regional newspaper “Vyatka Krai”.

From 1998 to 2007 he worked as a photographer at the publishing house Kommersant. Five years in the magazine “Norilsk Nickel”. Two years was the senior photojournalist of ITAR-TASS. For several years he collaborated with the publication “Russian Reporter”, with the magazine “Neskuchny Sad”, the publication “Autoreview”, collaborated with the journal “Foma”, the Disciple of Alexander Lapin.

Personal exhibitions

2012 – Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Photography in St. Petersburg.
2013 – Exhibition in the cultural center “Pokrovskie Vorota” in Moscow.
2015 – Exhibition “UltraSvet” in the exhibition hall of the Kirov Museum of Music. Vasnetsovs (Vyatka, 2015)
2018 – Exhibition “Genesis” in the gallery Inner Voice, St. Petersburg

Group exhibition

2009 – Exhibition “Lapin’s School” in the Contemporary Art Center “Winzavod” Moscow
2010 – Pingyao (China, 2010).
2011 – Fotoviza in Krasnodar
2012 – Optimal projection. Zagreb. (Croatia, 2012)
2012 – Participant of the exposition at the Foto Fest festival in Houston, USA.
2014 – Joint exhibition with Alexei Myakishev in Toulon (France, 2014).
2017 – Participant of the exhibition “Mercy in Russia” Vatican, Italy